What is the difference between Pro and Pro+ license?
The main difference from features perspective is that Pro+ license gives you access to plugins while Pro license does not. The difference from payment perspective is that Pro+ license is a subscription (with monthly and yearly plan) and Pro license is a one-time purchase product. Please check the pricing page for details.
License is activated but Pro functionality disabled
If you mean that installing plugins or reverse image search is disabled, then this is expected as they are only available in Pro+ plan. Otherwise please contact support.
What happens if I owned a Pro license before buying Pro+?
Pro license comes with Pro features forever. It means if you stop your Pro+ subscription, you will have same Pro feature that you had before buying Pro+.
What is the Pro+ cancellation policy?
You can cancel your Pro+ license at any time using the app Tools -> License -> Cancel subscription. The cancellation will be effective starting with the next billing cycle (e.g. next month for a monthly subscription). There's no termination fee.
What is a Pro license renewal?
Xpiks Pro license is valid for 1 year. After the license expiration you will still have access to all Pro features that were available when you purchased your license. However, you have access to priority support, app upgrades and unlimited files only while your license is valid. To continue having these features, you will need to renew your license. By renewing your license you are making work on Xpiks possible that will make you more successful.
Sorry, could not verify this license
After you bought a Pro license, you will get a license key to your email. You can activate one license key on up to 3 different computers. In case when you used all three computers, new license activation will fail with the error above.
How to start a Pro+ trial?
You can try Pro+ functionality without buying the license. You can start Pro+ trial when attempting to use any functionality that requires Pro+ license. For example, try to install a plugin or execute a reverse image search. You will be presented with a prompt to start a Pro+ trial.


Xpiks window is black on macOS
There's a known issue in macOS below 10.14.4 that causes certain application to show up as black. In order to fix this consider upgrading to 10.14.4 or fresher version of macOS.
"Xpiks can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer"
Xpiks is signed and notarized by Apple from version If you have a lower version, please upgrade and you will not see this error.


Uploaded videos do not contain Keywords and Description
Currently only Adobe Stock reads embedded metadata from videos. Other microstocks require you to fill it by hand on website or upload separate CSV file with metadata.
Shutterstock, Depositphotos and Dreamstime do not recognize metadata in video
Currently only Adobe Stock reads embedded metadata from videos. Other microstocks require you to fill it by hand on website or upload separate CSV file with metadata.
"Import/Export finished with errors. See logs for details."
Usually this error appears if Xpiks fails to find Exiftool. If you didn't install it, please visit Official Exiftool Website and install it. If you have Exiftool installed and still you see this error, then please go in Xpiks to Settings -> External and select correct path to `exiftool` executable (for example, if it's /usr/bin/exiftool try to change it to /usr/local/bin/exiftool and vice versa)
What does it mean: "Copy description to empty title"?
Usually microstock agencies require Title, Description and Keywords to be filled in. If you left the Title empty, Xpiks gives you an option to simply copy Description field to Title during saving the files.


All .xpks files are gone
Xpiks used to save temporary backups in .xpks files. As of version 1.5 and higher this is no longer the case as backups are saved in one local database instead of multiple files. So don't worry if they are gone, your data is still securely saved in images/vectors//videos and backed up as you work.
Autocompletion does not work though "Autocomplete keywords" option is ON
Please check if you have Xpiks "installed" in some sort of cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Move it to the local hard drive (it "weights" nothing anyway) and try again. Go to support if the problem persists.
Replace misspelled keywords does nothing
If you happen to have two keywords in your list, say, "colour" and "color" and then you hit "Fix spelling", select "colour" -> "color" and hit "Replace". When Xpiks tries to replace "colour" to "color" (as you chose) it sees that you already have "color" and replacement will create two "color" keywords. There is an ambiguity in this situation since it's not clear if you were to remove the misspelled word or the original duplicate of it so Xpiks leaves everything as is.
Can Xpiks play video during keywording?
Currently we do not plan to support video playback from within Xpiks, but you can open the file with your default video player at any time by clicking the 3 dots menu (or right click the thumbnail) and select "Open".
Does Xpiks support Editorial photo or video?
You can open, edit and upload editorial content the same way as any other content. However, you cannot mark a file as editorial because this information cannot be embedded as a metadata that is read by all microstocks.


Cannot install plugins with Pro license
Plugins are only available in the Pro+ plan. Please check pricing page for details.


Cannot login to Adobe Stock (aka Adobe connection is always red)
Adobe stock uses a different username and password than you use to login to the website. In order to get your FTP username and password, go to Adobe contributor portal, click "Sell", then "Upload" and just below the upload icon and text "You can also import files using your FTP" you will see "Learn more" link. When you click it, you will see your username and password.
Cannot login to Dreamstime
Dreamstime uses a different username and password than you use to login to the website. In order to get your FTP username and password, go to FTP uploads area and copy your user ID from "FTP Details" section on the right.
Which microstock agencies does Xpiks support?
With Xpiks you can upload your artworks to any agency that supports FTP/FTPS upload. This also includes custom/private servers with FTP support.
I can't upload via FTP to my favorite stock XYZ
First of all, check if you didn't make a typo in a Host, Username and Password field. Use "Show Password" checkbox to see if you typed it correctly. Try to use "Test connection" button before upload and see if it works. Try to login with and without Passive Mode (in the Advanced tab). Read help in your stock XYZ about how to upload artworks. Try Upload troubleshooting.
Warning "Filename contains special characters or spaces"
If you get this warning it means that your filename contains some characters that are not latin letters or digits. It does not prevent the file to be uploaded, because Xpiks will make sure that filename of the uploaded file will be accepted by the destination agency FTP.
Xpiks adds number "1" to all video file names after upload
During uploading Xpiks makes sure that destination agency FTP server will accept your file. If your file name contains spaces or special characters, Xpiks will replace them to compliant characters and append a number to the end to make file name unique. If you are exporting metadata in CSV, make sure to use [Upload Filename] as a column.
What is a Master Password?
Usernames and password from microstock agencie's FTP servers are stored encrypted on disk. They are encrypted with a password that Xpiks chose. "Master password" allows you to encrypt them with your own password.
Xpiks does not show any upload history
Most probably you turned off upload history. Go to Settings -> Upload config configure Upload History to keep last 90 days.
There's no connection even though I entered correct username and password
Most probably you actually have not entered valid username and password. Please check your password using "Show password" checkbox. Note that many microstocks (e.g. Adobe Stock) are using different username and password for FTP access than the ones you use to login to the website.


Cannot get past health reports screen or other scaling problems on Windows
Sometimes Xpiks is not correctly scaled on Windows because both Xpiks and Windows use different interface scaling techniques. Open Windows settings, section Display and look for Change the size of apps and text on main display. The dropdown will contain 100%, 125% and so on. To fix the problem select 100% or 200% value, open Xpiks and you will be able to pass the license window. You can revert Windows setting back after this.
Xpiks window is blanc white, cannot be found or size of the interface is wrong on Windows
Most probably this issue can be fixed by changing DPI settings of the app. Find Xpiks.exe file, right click it, select Properties > Compatibility > Change high DPI settings > tick Override high DPI scaling behavior > select Application in drop down and OK then Apply.
Program closes and nothing happens after hitting Upgrade
If, after hitting update button, main window closes and nothing else happened it means that Xpiks could not start the installer. It might be caused by antivirus blocking the installer to run or domain policy of your Windows computer. In order to upgrade Xpiks please uninstall it and install the new version manually.
Automatic update in Windows is stuck on "Updating components"
This was a known issue in the installer which is fixed in newer versions (with Xpiks 1.5 and higher). For now just kill the "ministaller.exe" process in Task Manager and install new Xpiks manually.
How to install Xpiks on Windows?
Xpiks has an installer for Windows since version 1.6.0. Check out this tutorial for details.
Xpiks closes shortly after start in Windows
It's possible that your antivirus (Avast?) detected Xpiks as malware and quarantined it.
Text looks ugly small at my beautiful Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8.1
1. Press "windows" button, search for "environmental variables", select "Edit system environmental variables". 2. In the upper section "Add new variable". For a variable name use QT_SCALE_FACTOR and for it's value use "2" (without quotes as well). Press "Ok", "Apply" or what ever you need to save and quit. 3. Open Xpiks

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