Single editing view

You can open this view from the main window if you double-click the image or select it and press “Edit” button. In order to close this view you need to click “Back” button. All edits made in this view are automatically saved.

Single editing view

Editing and information tabs

First tab allows you to edit metadata and Info tab shows various information different for photos, vectors and videos.


Available artworks

It shows all artworks opened in Xpiks. You can switch between them by clicking on their preview image. Also you can use a shortcut “Ctrl+Alt+Arrow” (“Cmd+Option+Arrow” on Mac) to navigate left and right.

Available artworks

Keyword’s actions

Various actions you can do with keywords like Suggestion, Spelling fixes and others (available through More menu). Same actions like the one you can see in the Main Window.


You can resize metadata panel to your liking in increase size of the Title, Description and Keywords field.

Resize panel


Does 100% zooming so you can see the image in the 1:1 ratio in case you need to examine some details for keywording. Also you can zoom if you hold Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) and scroll with mouse wheel.

Hold Ctrl for zoom

Global tools slider

Opens and closes Global tools (Files and Folders, QuickBuffer and Translator).

Open global tools