Privacy is very important at Xpiks.


Xpiks is a privacy-focused, offline-first software which does not require an online account to work. You can always view and edit your artworks offline. Xpiks keeps microstock credentials only on your computer and stores them encrypted with possibility to use your own master password.

Xpiks can collect and send a so-called “health report” that contains information about errors in Xpiks and some simplified features usage. This is done in order to fix errors before users will contact support about them and to understand which features in Xpiks should be improved. All sent information is totally anonymous, it does not include any personal or identifiable information. You have an option to turn off “health report” in app settings.

When you contact support from within Xpiks, diagnostic logs might be attached to your request. These logs contain information about errors that happened during your last session. You have an option not to attach the logs.


This website uses an open-source mailing list listing, private first CloudFlare Web Analytics and CloudFlare Pages as hosting. If you decide to subscribe to the newsletter, we will have your email recorded, but it will never be shared with any 3rd parties.

All payments on this website are processed by Paddle and are regulated by Paddle privacy policy and Paddle terms of use.

Pricing page features a chat widget and when you start a chat, your permission will be asked for any data you provide. is a GDPR-compliant service. You can find a Privacy Policy here.

You can notice that the website does not have a cookie banner. That’s because we do not store any third-party cookies.