January 29, 2024by Clif Haley and Taras Kushnir

Dreamstime: a contributor review

Dreamstime, one of the oldest agencies, is still alive! Perhaps this is one of the quite positive things you could ever say about the agency, given the rise and fall of the likes of EyeEm, Veer, StockPhotoMedia etc. Dreamstime has never been the ...

December 17, 2023by Taras Kushnir

Exploring the best-selling stock photos of all times

In the realm of stock photography certain images rise to the top as best-sellers, becoming the go-to choices for marketers, bloggers, and publishers around the globe. It’s not always obvious why these pictures resonate with their audience, for ...

November 1, 2023by Luisa Fumi

Journey of selling stock images on your own website

My experience with the microstock agencies I’ve been dealing with the microstock world since 2008, when I started contributing to Dreamstime. Not as a professional photographer but just as a part-time enthusiastic amateur: the best part of my time ...

October 12, 2023by Steve Heap and Clemency Wright

Keywording for Fine Art prints

As stock photographers, we are always looking for extra ways to monetize our images and one potential avenue is to sell them as “Fine Art” prints on Print on Demand sites. Of course, not all types of stock imagery suits being hung on a wall in ...

September 2, 2023by Alessandro Brencich

mediaCastpro contributor review: a marketplace for professionals

mediaCastpro is not a microstock agency, but a marketplace accessible only to companies and professionals where you can sell and buy videos on any topic. The project was born at the end of 2022 and is continuously evolving, as can be seen from the ...

August 10, 2023by Taras Kushnir

Best-selling microstock categories: let the numbers talk

If you’ve ever wondered where to focus your creative energies, you’re in the right place. In this blogpost we are going to take a second deep dive into Steve Heap’s earnings. This time to see how much income was generated per category since 2007 and ...
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