Looking inside the Shutterstock shot list

Everyone wants their stock photos to be appealing and popular. Sometimes you’re stuck for inspiration, other times it’s just helpful to be able to provide content people are actually looking for. Shutterstock has come to the rescue with their shot ...

Microstocks review: Shutterstock

Making money as a photographer through microstocks can prove to be a lucrative opportunity. However, it does take not only some trial and error on your part as you learn which kinds of photographs perform well, but it also takes skill. Yes, there are ...

All you wanted to know about editorial content

When it comes to image submission and buying on microstocks, many people have a hard time understanding the difference between editorial and royalty-free images. However, you can differentiate them by understanding their particular uses. You can use ...

How you can best cash-in on art sales during the holidays

Nothing screams lack of preparation louder than you uploading your stock images when the festivities have already started. You will sell lesser content because buyers normally prefer choosing the images they intend to use during the festivities early ...

Four ways to maximize your income in microstocks

Microstocks is no longer a new topic in the recent ways of promoting stock photography and adding a few bucks to your pockets. But due to the competition the “stock photography” world poses, with millions if not billions of people posting on ...

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