Free Stock Master script for preparing vector files for microstocks

Xpiks partners from Mai Tools have something to share! We have good news for all microstockers who work with Adobe Illustrator. Now we have a...

Xpiks 1.5 overview

I’m proud to announce Xpiks 1.5 release! This is a major release which took almost 10 month of development and testing. Mostly changes are focused...

Plugin for Xpiks helps photo studio

Xpiks has one feature which was never announced publicly: support for plugins. This makes it exceptionally versatile tool for all kind of organizations which can...

Xpiks 1.4 detailed overview

Xpiks 1.4 release development took as much time as usual 3 releases combined so it’s worth spending some time diving into the features it brings...

Xpiks 1.4 is out!

Today I announce release of Xpiks 1.4! This is a very big release with plenty of intersting features. Just take a look: Major features of...

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