QuickBuffer is an advanced clipboard in Xpiks. You can copy, paste and edit structured metadata from and to artworks or different editing views.

Most simple usage can be shown below. You can just fill in metadata and paste it to different artworks. In order to paste from QuickBuffer, place where you paste it should be “active” (e.g. contain cursor).

QuickBuffer overview

But manual entry is not only what you would expect to do with clipboard. So you can copy to QuickBuffer from different places like context menus or buttons.

Using QuickBuffer

Moving metadata to batch editing view

QuickBuffer to batch


Moving metadata to single editing view

QuickBuffer to single

Also you have “Copy to QuickBuffer” context menu in artworks previews in editing modes.

QuickBuffer menu

And from Keywords suggestion as well:

QuickBuffer from suggestion


Applying metadata to multiple artworks

Starting with Xpiks 1.7.2 you can also apply to multiple artworks at the same time:

QuickBuffer apply

However note, that Batch Editing View is a preferred way to do such edits.