Partial changes

Sometimes you want only to:

  • set same Title to multiple artworks at once
  • clear Description in multiple artworks at once
  • add few Keywords to multiple artworks at once
  • append few words to few descriptions at once

You can do all of that and even more in the batch editing view. It contains checkboxes next to each field like Title, Description or Keywords that allow to include or exclude changes done in these field when you will press “Save”. In the checkbox dropdown you can find advanced options like if only to append text or keywords.


For example, if you uncheck the checkbox next to Title, when you will press “Save” changes that you made to Title field will not be applied to artworks you are editing. Here’s how to add “Generative AI” using partial changes:

Partial changes

Of course you can mix those: you can turn off everything but Title or Keywords etc.