Main window

Main window

Main window consists of the following important areas:

Global tools

Files and Folders, Quick Buffer, Translator and registered plugins will be available there as well. These tools are available in all editing views in Xpiks.

Global tools

Quick Buffer is an advanced clipboard for metadata transfer between different editing modes in Xpiks.

Translator allows you to translate separate words offline. Xpiks supports dictionaries of StarDict format which you need to add separately in order to use.

Opened directories

Shows directories which are opened at the moment. You can remove them or show only files from selected directories by filtering them.

Opened directories

Main actions

Main actions include Edit, Remove, Save, Upload and Other actions in the context menu. These actions are enabled if you select artworks on which you can execute them.


Keyword’s actions

Various actions you can do with keywords like Suggestion, Spelling fixes and others (available through More menu).

Keywords actions

Artwork’s actions

Various actions you can do with each artwork like Editing, Details and others. Also contains different options for videos and vectors.

Artwork actions

Also in the main view you can switch between [Grid] and [List] ways to show the artworks: