Xpiks 1.7.1 - Latest version

Overview. Released May 31, 2022. Full version:

  • Ability to upload via Xpiks Cloud
  • Speedup local upload to a single host
  • Plugin to translate to and from 26 languages
  • Plugin to track user cloud uploads
  • Add functionality to delete the license
  • Add ability to reset host upload settings to defaults
  • Allow to Find-and-Replace to a list of keywords
  • Ask for user email to start a trial
  • Allow limited CSV export plans for free plan users
  • Allow limited presets for free plan users
  • Improve filename matching when using CSV import
  • Improve upload history accounting for changed files
  • Fix upload progress stalled after upload is retried
  • Fix hang on Windows when Delete Keywords is used
  • Fix crash of translation plugin load on Windows
  • Add Thai translation
  • Fix plugins update process

Xpiks 1.7.0

Overview. Released Sep 16, 2021. Full version:

  • Add support for plugin marketplace
  • Plugin for automatic keywording
  • Plugin for creating keywording orders
  • Plugin for creating model releases
  • Plugin for trimming keywords
  • Plugin for tracking rankings on microstocks
  • Add Greek translation
  • Keywords suggestions using reverse image search
  • Add exiftool replacement on macOS due to Perl being deprecated
  • New updates installer on Windows
  • Functionality to find similar images in keywords suggestions
  • Keywords suggestions support for videos
  • Ability to change the order of upload hosts
  • Ability to save Title to IPTC:Headline (for iStock upload)
  • Ability to add Copyright metadata
  • Make app notifications less obtrusive
  • Add support for PNG

Xpiks 1.6.0

Overview. Released Sep 13, 2020. Full version:

  • Background upload support
  • Fail-safe mode of generation video previews
  • Support for custom FTP directories for upload
  • New warnings for EPS filesize
  • New warnings for vector preview size
  • Spelling suggestions in keyword editing dialog
  • FTPS support
  • Custom CSV export columns
  • Metadata import from CSV
  • Show latest blogposts and tutorials on start
  • Support form within the app
  • Upload history for artworks
  • SVG files support
  • Settings synchronization
  • Color tags for artworks
  • Support thresholds for local thumbnails cache
  • Ability to reupload failed files with one click
  • Smart preset groups for recently added and used
  • Option to keep presets sorted alphabetically
  • Add suggested keywords with Ctrl + click
  • New translations to Czech and Romanian
  • Automatic suggestions for helpdesk

Xpiks 1.5.5

Released Nov 21, 2019. Full version:

  • Xpiks is notarized for macOS
  • Update openSSL libraries on Windows
  • Add help links in dialogs
  • Enable upload hosts scrolling during upload
  • Fix potential issue with thumbnails generation
  • Fix keywords blinking too often
  • Set forced left to right orientation

Xpiks 1.5.4

Released Jul 20, 2019.

  • Fix CSV filenames mismatch with uploaded files
  • Fix updater on Windows not starting
  • Fix upload timeout issues
  • Fix Windows update issues
  • Fix EPS metadata writing
  • Improve upload reliability on slow connections
  • Fix EPS backups created always

Xpiks 1.5.3

Overview. Released Jun 22, 2019.

  • Beta support for saving metadata to EPS files
  • Support for skipping vector previews on upload
  • Use Adobe Stock instead of Fotolia for keywords suggestion
  • Manage preset groups functionality
  • Manage translation dictionaries functionality
  • Shutterstock search results now include also editorial
  • Improve FTP upload speed
  • Remove warning about duplicate keywords in Title and Description
  • Fix issue with CSV file format for Shutterstock
  • Fix for loading suggestion thumbnails from end
  • Fix for switching to next/prev artwork not working from edit fields
  • Fix issue with exiftool path in Linux

Xpiks 1.5.2

Released Jun 11, 2018.

  • Autocompletion in Presets window
  • GDPR-related privacy consent question
  • Consolidate filenames for upload
  • Improved stock upload options
  • Fixes for handling of corrupted internal database
  • Fix for stock suggestions sometimes not available

Xpiks 1.5.1

Released Mar 4, 2018.

  • Added Italian translation
  • Fix for default CSV plans being not usable
  • Fix for warnings not updated after editing
  • Fix for artwork grid filtering positioning
  • Fix for Upload dialog host Title issues
  • Option to have portable settings in Xpiks
  • Show links from More menu on bigger screens
  • Fix for video previews of files larger than 2GB
  • Ability to mouse move full size image in single view
  • Basic drag’n’drop functionality for keywords

Xpiks 1.5.0

Overview. Released Jan 14, 2018.

  • Support for Video files
  • Words semantic analysis (duplicates detection)
  • Presets groups and autocompletion
  • Session management
  • CSV export
  • New shiny UI
  • Automatic metadata import support
  • Directories filtering
  • New languages: Hungarian, Indonesian, Polish and Turkish