Plugin for Xpiks helps photo studio

March 27, 2017

Xpiks has one feature which was never announced publicly: support for plugins. This makes it exceptionally versatile tool for all kind of organizations which can customize this application for their needs. This post is about a photo studio which got ...
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Xpiks 1.4 detailed overview

February 24, 2017

Xpiks 1.4 release development took as much time as usual 3 releases combined so it’s worth spending some time diving into the features it brings to the users. General First easily notable thing is the user interface change. Not only colors are more ...
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How to zip vectors and previews

February 28, 2016

Artists who [draw illustrations]({{ relref “blog/2020/beginner-illustrator-tips” }}) and sell them at several microstocks sometimes need to create archives with vectors and previews. For example, Fotolia, Depositphotos and CanStockPhoto require ...
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Screencasts about Xpiks

February 15, 2016

Introduction to Xpiks from Taras Kushnir on Vimeo. Keywords editing with Xpiks from Taras Kushnir on Vimeo. Effective backups with Xpiks from Taras Kushnir on Vimeo.
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In the pursuit of sharpness: downscaling images (tip: don't)

January 14, 2016

There’s a common misconception when you’re trying to archieve a perfect sharp image: you downscale the original. In some cases it can help you, but there’re a lot of situations when it will make your image look less sharp. You can notice in the ...
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