Here you can find real-time status of Xpiks outstanding issues across all platforms. If you experience any issue with Xpiks you can check here if it is known incident and if it is being addressed.

Jul 9 22:01 Xpiks published
Some users see black window on macOS below 10.14.5.
Jan 17 23:15 Hotfix published
This is another hotfix for the issue with missing video thumbnails
Jan 17 13:15 Users still report missing thumbnails on some video files
Issue with black thumbnails strikes back. Currently under investigation.
Jan 16 16:01 Metadata is missing sometimes when files opened from Google Drive
There's a report that metadata sometimes cannot be read from the first try (but is read on second). These files are stored on Google Drive and the issue didn't repro in Xpiks 1.4.2
Jan 15 23:37 Hotfix published
Hotfix for issue with black video thumbnails on Windows
Jan 15 15:24 Some users reported missing thumbnails on Windows 10
There's a report of missing thumbnails on Windows after 1.5.0 release publishing
Jan 15 12:00 Xpiks 1.5.0 release published
There are no ongoing incidents at the moment