Locating a plugin

To find a plugin, you should look next to the general tabs in 1.4 release:

Find a plugin

Also you can see it registered via [Tools -> Plugins -> Plugins manager] menu:

Find a plugin


When added to Xpiks plugin registers few presets which can be opened via [Edit -> Presets] menu:


To use a plugin there should be some active artwork or editing place for it to work. Please note how buttons become active when there’s an active artwork:


When it is active, simply pressing the button will insert a preset. Plugin will remember inserted presets and you will be able to remove them by next press of same button.

Basic inserting

When you press a button you can also undo last action completely via usual Xpiks Undo link:

Basic inserting

Plugin is also available in single item editing mode

Single editing

as well as multiple item editing mode

Multiple editing

Also you can use presets registered by plugin as usual Xpiks presets:

As presets


Last but not the least - convenient keywords adding. If you prefix keyword with tag name, it will jump into it’s own list: