How to report a bug

In case you had bad user experience with Xpiks (crash, failure, unexpected behavior) you can report it and it will be fixed as soon as possible taking into account it’s severity.

To report a bug, please do the following steps:

1. Open Support page, post a new topic there

New Topic

2. Describe what do you observe and why it's a bug

Please take care to describe not only what is not working but also why do you think it’s a bug. Screenshots and any other information about what have you done before is very helpful.

3. Attach diagnostic logs

Xpiks logs diagnostic information while it works so this information can help later to fix an issue if there will be any. This information usually is crucial to include when you report a bug. Please find these diagnostic logs and attach them.

In order to find the logs through Xpiks, go to Tools -> Advanced -> Show logs.

Show logs

There you can click Reveal logfile. This will open logs directory in the file manager (e.g. Finder or Explorer) and select logfile from the current session in Xpiks.

Reveal logfile

If it was past session when you experienced problems then select other file than is currently selected. Each logfile has a date and a time in the name of file so it helps to select a logfile from the session when you experienced issues with Xpiks. It might help to sort files by date. If you’re not sure which logs to choose, get few of them.

Select logfile

If you cannot open logs location from Xpiks, you can find the on disk in one of the following locations:

  • on Windows they should be at %AppData%/Roaming/Xpiks/ directory
  • on OS X they should be at ~/Library/Application Support/Xpiks/ directory
  • on Linux they should be at ~/.local/share/xpiks/ directory
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