How you can best cash-in on art sales during the holidays

August 10, 2019 / by Stacy

Nothing screams lack of preparation louder than you uploading your stock images when the festivities have already started. You will sell lesser content because buyers normally prefer choosing the images they intend to use during the festivities early on. How then do you plan for the festivities when they are three to four months away and produce the best photos and videos? This article gives some pointers you should consider.

How is early preparedness an advantage?

  • Buyers love to plan early enough. By the end of October, a lot of buyers normally have a set of the artistic content they need to use during the upcoming Christmas season. This means that some had already started searching for the best stock images and videos as early as September even without the intention of buying. By the time October reaches, most buyers are already seeking to secure the art pieces they have selected during their research. It would be very hard to get a willing buyer when the month ends because a majority of them would have already made up their mind. While your art pieces might be of high quality, the time disadvantage means that buyers will rarely pay attention to them if you upload them too late.

  • Increased Visibility time. It never hurts to have your works uploaded early enough even before buyers start streaming in. This is because you get more visibility when the buyers have more time and freedom to appreciate the meticulousness of your work. Surely, you do not want to create something in a hurry and let it be bought hurriedly only for your reputation to be ruined in the process.

  • Enhanced shooting comfort. Even though hurry can bring out exceptional creativity in you, rarely will you be able to deliver great art pieces. Consider, for instance, the fact that you may want to look for some models who might have already travelled to enjoy the festivities if you wait too long. However, when you shoot early enough, you are only left with minor editing details meaning that the possibility of delivering quality pieces is higher. When you start early you have more time to react to any challenges that may come up and still deliver your best work greatly.


With that in mind, its time you crafted a plan for your next holiday shoot. Assuming that your window period is ideal and you start shooting; make sure you do so with a creative plan. Also, consider the following tricks to maximize your sales:

  • Use Google Trends. You can know the terms that are searched for numerous people on Google. While they give a general analysis of searches, you can bump into popular aspects or even specific groups of photos that numerous people search for during a particular period.

  • The popularity of the holiday. Take for instance Christmas which is the most searched microstock keyword. This means that competition will most likely be stiff with numerous high-quality photos and you may get lesser sales as an individual. However, for some holidays that tend to be limited to a few zones only, but which you might be familiar with, the competition might be lesser. If you can customize your images to take a larger percentage of the overall sales volume, you are better off than taking a negligible slice of the bigger pie.

  • Create a shooting schedule as the year begins. This allows you to work in a structured manner and have more productivity rather than rushing when it is too late. Check your list of favorite festivities or familiarize yourself with those you know little about. It is rarely a great idea to shoot stock images for holidays you know nothing about. However, with some knack for learning and a passion for your art, you will find it easy to immerse yourself into another culture.

  • When you miss a holiday, cheer up and plan for the next one. If for instance you missed uploading your artwork on time to get buyers during this Christmas season, be ready for the next one. This means collecting all the material you will need, including the decorations and other props while also using the time to study the buyers and the overall festive mood.

Even with all said and done, there is still a window of late submission and you could get lucky. In fact, some microstock buyers tend to focus more on late submissions. As such, if you have some ready content and you think the window has elapsed, have some faith upload it. The worst-case scenario is that your content will be available during the next year for the early birds. However, to stand a chance of making more sales, always have a long-term plan.

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