Xpiks 1.3 is out!

Today I announce release of Xpiks 1.3! This is a very big release which introduces plenty of new features and bugfixes. Just take a look:

Major features of this release:

  • autocompletion for keywords in English
  • localization to 5 languages (Ukrainian, Spanish, Catalan, Russian, German) and 2 more ongoing (French and Portuguese)
  • keywords suggestion from iStock and Fotolia (in addition to Shutterstock and Local files)
  • brand new color theme for Xpiks
  • basic hotkeys support (Ctrl+A - Select All, Ctrl+E - Edit selected, Ctrl+S - Save selected, Ctrl+F - search/filter, Ctrl+Del - delete selected, Shift+Ctrl+U - Upload selected)
  • dozen of predefined FTP addresses of stocks
  • improvements for keywords suggestion algorithm
  • watching for removal of files, edited in Xpiks and appropriate notifications
  • unification and improvements of UI


  • annoying jumping scroll in keywords fields
  • incorrect warnings for non-existent properties
  • preliminary fix for paths with non-latin characters in Windows

Special Thanks to Guillermo Obispo for translating Xpiks to Spanish and Catalan and Natalia Abrashitova for translating to German and Russian!

Also Exiftool for Windows builds was updated to the latest one (10.16 at the moment) and this will first launch can last a bit longer, but all following will be as quick as before.