Second stable release of Xpiks is out!

Today I announce release of Xpiks 1.1! Main two features of this release are spell checking and speed improvements. So now you can check spelling in description, title and keywords using en_US dictionary available from LibreOffice suite. Also Xpiks will suggest you corrections for words with bad spelling. What about speed is that I optimized visual and loading parts so now Xpiks should work faster with large collections of artworks! Also I’ve implemented a lot of small requests from actual users.

As usual, small changelog:

Major features of this release:

  • Automatic spell checking and suggestion for all metadata
  • Automatic checking for updates
  • Added plain text mode for keywords editing
  • Speed improvements with large collections
  • Editing of separate keywords
  • Improvements for UI of some popups on large monitors
  • Improvements on keywords pasting
  • Exact search terms parsing (with exclamation mark before word like “!man”)

Also, a lot of small UI issues and glitches were fixed!

Known issues:

  • Xpiks proposes spell suggestions for all words with errors, what creates duplicates if one word has been used several times in metadata (keywords, title, description)
  • On systems with two monitors menu with recent directories opens on another monitor (it’s QT issue fixed in QT 5.6)