Beta version 0.6 of Xpiks released!

I’m proud to announce sixth release of Cross-platform image keywording software v1.0-beta6! Xpiks more and more looks like a real robust application. This release contains a lot of new features and some fixes from beta.5. You can find binaries at Downloads page.

In this release I implemented encryption of sensitive data (upload usernames and passwords) with tinyAES. Another quite useful feature was “Test connection” button, which I added to “Upload dialog” and you can now test whether connection credentials are correct.

List of all changes:

  • Xpiks now supports secure passwords saving using master password or the default one
  • Upload dialog now has “Test connection” button so you can check where credentials are correct
  • Logs view now loads only last 100 lines of logs (and can load all on demand)
  • Big internal refactoring of logging
  • Settings window is now redesigned
  • Upload timeout parameter for one file is now accessible through Settings
  • Tests projects introduced and encryption and other tests added
  • Fix for typo when description replaced image keywords on loading #68
  • Fix for replacing metadata in “Save and Append” button in combined edit #62
  • Fixes issue with non-latin characters in Description field #72