First release candidate of Xpiks released!

This beta release should be treated as Release Candidate for Xpiks! In this release I gathered feedback from users and implemented them along with features I wanted to implement.

Major features of this release:

  • Improvements for Multiple Edit dialog
  • Search and Filtering through artworks is implemented
  • Improved look and feel of Tab control
  • Added ability to drop multiple files and directories at once
  • Added ability to reimport metadata for artworks on demand

Also this release provides features requested by Xpiks users:

  • ability to control size of keywords and description text
  • artworks preview is improved and can be viewed at 100%
  • backups files can be turned off in Settings
  • added support for proxy settings for uploading
  • added recent directories functionality
  • added support to non-latin characters in keywords
  • addes support for TIFF files for keywording

And issues to minor bugs:

  • fix for checkbox updates in Upload Advanced settings #119
  • fix for bug when user drops files on Xpiks with any opened dialog #124
  • fix for crash when monkey clicking on Dismiss link #97
  • fix for race conditions when uploading and decoding passwords for stocks
  • several minor fixes for UI in Windows 10 and openSUSE 13.2