Xpiks tips and tricks

This article will help you to use all features of Xpiks (even not obvious ones).

1. Launching artwork preview

Artwork preview

To launch preview click on the filename which is located just below the image.

2. Configuring size of keywords and some other visual elements

Open Settings and in the UX tab you will be able to choose keywords size which you find best for your setup (monitor, eyesight etc).

UX settings

3. Filtering modified or selected images

To filter selected or modified images you can click hyperlinks in the bottom of Xpiks.

Modified and selected filter

4. Opening extended edits dialog for one image

You can select image and click “Edit” button in the top, click “More edits” link under each image or just double-click on the preview.

More edits

5. Do not use confirmation dialogs

You are able anyway to Undo destructive actions by default and you can easily turn off additional confirmation dialogs in the UX section of Settings.

More edits

6. Encrypt all your credentials

Just create a master password (like Mozilla Firefox has) which will be used to encrypt all your credentials. Every time you enter the Upload process you will have to enter this password to decrypt them.

(there is encryption by default with predefined master password)

7. Select all files in imported directory

To select all files from directory just click on the directory itself. Hint: you can then filter all those files using “Modified or selected” filter (see (3) in this list).

More edits

8. Copying keywords

You can copy keywords using “Copy keywords” link under each image or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+C when the cursor is in the keywords field.