Beta version 0.5 of Xpiks released!

I’m proud to announce fifth release of Cross-platform image keywording software v1.0-beta5! This release contains a lot of UI fixes. You can find binaries at Downloads page.

In this release I focused on fixing bugs and enchancing internal Qt/C++ stuff. I implemented Qt-way binding of keywords to UI control (and had good fun with C++ memory management vs Qml memory management, when Qt deleted my objects). Also I made all popups movable (just for fun).

List of all changes:

  • Fixes for non-updated listview, existance of EPS file on upload and other
  • Added checks if file is actually a jpeg image
  • Added a very basic versioning and About window with version
  • Fixed import issue when importing again all items
  • Fixes for loading from tempdb data and modified state
  • Ability to clear logs
  • Changed the way keywords list is bound to c++ code
  • Made all dialogs movable
  • and many other minor