Beta version 0.8 of Xpiks released!

Please meet the beta 0.8! The two main new features it introduces are keywords suggestion with Shutterstock API and automatic zipping previews with vectors before upload. Also I added several useful features like showing percentage for each stock while uploading artworks and several other UX improvements. Also I fixed the issue with 123rf test connection and master password hard reset.

List of all changes:

  • keywords suggestion based on Shutterstock API
  • ability to zip items before upload with as simple as checking a checkbox
  • we now have build for Debian-based systems
  • ability to dismiss popups by clicking on an empty space
  • settings window is completely redesigned
  • upload now doesn’t start every stock in parallel but uses a queue
  • drag’n’drop for directories
  • upload percentage is shown for each stock separately

And fixes:

  • fixed 123rf test connection always failed issue #74
  • fixed issue with About dialog #86
  • fixed issue with master password hard reset
  • fixed issue with dreamtimes upload