Xpiks can help you to fill keywords from similar images from microstocks or from your local files. Currently only Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStock are supported. In order to do so you click “Suggest keywords” below Keywords field or through “More” menu.

Suggest keywords

When you select results on the left, keywords common to all selected artworks will appear on the right in the “Suggested” section. Keywords that are not common to majority of the selected artworks will appear in the “Other” section. Usually you want to look through all of them and remove some “suggested” keywords and add some “other” keywords.

Suggestions cleaning

And also you can move all of the suggested keywords to “Other” section and add them one by one. To do that you need to use “Clear” action in the context menu.

Suggestions move

Local files suggestion

Xpiks indexes all files you ever opened and it allows searching through them as you would search using microstocks websites. Just select Local files in dropdown on the right and you don’t need internet to use “Suggest keywords” anymore.

Also you can repeat suggestion and add keywords many times from this dialog without closing it.